There are many flooring options today in our modern society, however, if you chose wooden strip floors as your favorite flooring option then their simplicity, charm, and ease of installation are some of the best-known secrets. Of course, they look classy too right, would you not agree?
The downside is that wooden strip floored homes don’t come easy on your pocket too. But, if you value a timeless appeal then wooden flooring would give you that priceless edge. Wood strip flooring is comparatively cheaper compared to the other forms of wooden floors. Now, what exactly is wood strip flooring?
Well, let’s say you have a single strip of wood laid across the entire floor from one end to the other, then it is known as wood strip floor. In this case, there are no joins in the middle of the floor. It is one single piece of wood that serves as the floor. However, it is not mandatory to have a single piece of wood as the only strip. More than often, two to three strips are used to cover the entire floor. So, in this essence, the floor area is one of the factors that you can decide how many strips of wood will be required to fill up the entire place.
Now, why choose wood strip flooring?
Apart from the fact that wooden flooring looks classy and gives a completely new look to the whole room, there are many more benefits than that you should be aware of. In fact, wooden strip flooring has numerous advantages that will make you want to choose it as your primary flooring option in future. Here are some of the benefits of wooden strip flooring that you should know:

  • They last for decades – when it comes to longevity, there is nothing better than wooden strip floors. Wooden strip floors require high maintenance like anything else in a household.
  • Wooden strip floors look better as they age, and this will add class to your home.
  • Wooden strip floors are easier to clean compared to a carpeted floor.
  • Compared to carpets, which needs regular cleaning to make sure they are dust free or you might be bogged down with flu and other health-related issues with your family. A light vacuum or a simple brushing off is more than enough to clean a wooden strip floor, where else with a carpet you must vacuum them and hang them out to dry in the sun to get rid of mites and other insects. Provided its sunny too and in cold climates or countries where we have four seasons, this is not too favorable.
  • Wooden strip manufacturing utilizes modern day technology to produce these strip floors, they are manufactured identically hence, you will not find strips longer or shorter and they are relatively cheaper to produce in large quantities.
  • In terms of the manufacturing process, its repeatable and the end products are nice and clean and ready to be utilized. This help saves money in the long run as we get these raw materials at a cheaper price. Moreover, the installation process is relatively easy even for an inexperienced worker. That is why this type of flooring makes it easy on your pocket and good in your eyes. People often think that it will cost a fortune to get a wooden flooring. But, that is not true for this flooring option.
  • Wooden strip floors are hygienic, not just wooden strip floors, any wooden floor has that added hygiene factor that other floors will not be able to provide. Dust and dirt are not able to stick for long on a wooden floor. Moreover, polished wooden floors emit a slight fragrance of the wood and that is aesthetically good for the rooms.

picture of a antique-couch-and-wooden-floor

Installation of wood strip floors

Now that you are aware of the advantages of having a wooden strip floor, let’s take a look at how a wooden strip floor is installed:

  • The installer or carpenters will do a visual inspecting of the floor before the installation starts. The base or cemented floor has to be clean and free of any debris before any installation is to begin. For this normally they will sweep and clean up the floor.
  • Measurements are taken from the corners to corners carefully and the area calculated to see the total amount of strips to be used will be needed. Strip flooring is all about precise measurements. If it is a single piece strip, then there will not be any need to measure the parts across the floor. But, if it is a two or three-piece strip, then the installer will need to measure and mark the areas where the strips will be crossed at or joined.
  • After the measurements are done, a special glue is applied to the base of the strips. This glue will help to stick the wood together with the floor. The entire floor is also layered with a coat of glue and this is spread out evenly through the area. The glue is given a short duration of time to allow it to dry up as this helps to adhere the wood strip to the floor.
  • Once the glue on the floor is slightly dried, the wooden strips are placed one after the other. Again, single strip floors will not require much of an effort. But some floor expert layers may add a border to the plain floor which will make it look a bit nicer.
  • The floor will be left to dry up in this condition for a whole day. This will give it time for the glue to absorb the glue and stick together. Flooring jacks will be used to compress the edges. The edges of the walls are temporarily screwed so that they tighten on the board.
    After the flooring is completely installed, it is advised not to use it for a couple of days. This will allow the wood strips to sit in tight.
  • After this process, the grinding of the floor is done to level the flooring and then it is polished to give it a brand-new look. Again the wooden strip floor is cleaned with water and a mob to get rid of all the dirt or wooden grindings.
  • After another round of drying, a layer of lacquer is applied to give it a shine and left to dry.

Eventually, after all this another visual inspection is conducted, they will then polish the floor and that will last for a long time provided you do not use the floor too often except for normal wear and tear. With such an easy installation process and pocket-friendly pricing, there is no doubt that wooden strip floors will make your rooms look shiny and beautiful. Now you are the proud owner of a wooden strip floor and for reference please look at this condo Belgravia Green for more pictures.

Here is a video on wooden strip floor installation: