When it comes to choosing the right type of flooring for your home or any home, there are so many options that are available and it can be very difficult to make the right decision. Here are the top 8 (not in order of popularity) flooring choices for homes and I have added a few facts to help you make an informed decision.

1. Carpeting

Carpeting has long been a very popular flooring choice and is also a trend currently with many homes. There is of course always the question of keeping this type of flooring clean and hygienic. However, modern textiles and manufacturing techniques have provided carpets that are easier to keep clean, easier to maintain and more durable. If you are looking for a warm, luxurious floor covering, carpets are definitely a great option with an unlimited range of color, texture and other options to choose from to meet just about any style and design requirements.

Carpeting is most suitable for the living areas in a home such as the bedrooms and the living room. It is less ideal for the kitchens and the bathrooms, where water can cause real damage to the carpets. Another way to look at it, it is for low traffic areas are also best suited to carpeting. But if you do go for a hardwood flooring option, there are always rugs, runners or area carpets that can be added to add a touch of warmth to the home.

Carpeted Room

2. Tiling

Tiles are very easy to maintain and keep clean, and they do come in a range of different materials like ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, terracotta and many more. The most popular of these are ceramic tiles as they are the least costly and provide the greatest variety of color, texture, and type. When well cared for, tiles can last a lifetime and choosing the right style will ensure that they do not go out of fashion like some other types of floor coverings.

Tiles are a suitable floor covering throughout the house. However, some types of tile are more suitable for use in certain areas. For example, porcelain tiles are recommended for bathrooms whereas terracotta and slate are more suitable for kitchen or any outdoor areas.

Small Stone Flooring

3. Vinyl

Just like carpets, vinyl flooring is making a come back due to the durability and ease of cleaning this type of floor surface. It is also softer on the foot and the ear than other types of hardwood flooring. Vinyl tiles are a popular choice, however, this type of flooring will require some extra care in order to last long.

Although vinyl flooring can be used throughout a home, it is most suitable for a kitchen or bathroom.

4. Hardwood Flooring

Wooden floors never really go out of fashion. It is a warmer hard flooring option than tiles but is much more costly. Veneers are a popular option as these are less expensive. Hardwood flooring definitely requires more care than most other types of flooring but when well maintained can last many lifetimes. Hardwood tiles placed in intricate patterns and designs are currently trending as is reclaimed wood.

Hardwood flooring is most suitable for living areas and preferably not for bathrooms and kitchens. Water can cause irreparable damage to the wood. Once the flooring becomes damaged, it can be difficult to repair or find replacement boards that match.


Brown Wooden Laminate

5. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the go-to choice for those who want the look and feel of wood floors but don’t want to go to the extra expense or are not prepared for the maintenance involved with hardwood flooring. The floors are super easy to clean and keep hygienic. There is a wide range of colors and textures available to meet any style choice whereas hardwood flooring can be quite limiting. It is however recommended to choose quality laminate flooring that is guaranteed to last to ensure that this flooring option provides the greatest benefit.

Laminate flooring is suitable for use throughout the house, including bathrooms and kitchen. Unlike hardwood floors, they do not succumb to water damage as easily although it is recommended to wipe up spills and splashes as soon as possible to prevent boards from warping.

Laminate Kitchen

6. Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is another very trendy flooring choice due to the durability of the material and low cost. It is also considered to be the most eco-friendly choice as bamboo grows rapidly, without causing soil erosion and does not require industrial manufacturing practices that may be detrimental to the environment. It is the ideal alternative to either hardwood or laminate flooring.

It is suitable for use throughout the house. However, a little care does need to be taken to avoid water damage in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas where prolonged exposure to water could cause warping.

7. Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is one of the oldest flooring options and is reminiscent of waxy odors and an uneven surface. However, modern polished concrete provides an entirely smooth and even, continuous floor surface. New techniques allow the floors to be dyed or stained any color or to mimic other types of hard flooring such as granite or even marble. Very easy to clean and maintain, these floors are highly durable and cost-effective. It is currently a highly trendy flooring option.

Polished concrete flooring is also suitable for the entire house including kitchen and bathrooms. The continuous flow of this type of flooring is ideal for open plan homes.

Marble Flooring

8. Linoleum

Contrary to popular belief, linoleum did not go out of fashion in the 70’s along with disco and so many other fashions of that era. Thanks to new advances in manufacturing, modern designs are now available that has seen this flooring option make a come-back.

Linoleum is more suitable to the kitchen and bathrooms in a home although it can be used throughout the house just like it was back in the bygone era of the 70’s.

There are 5 factors that you can use to grade each of these 8 popular flooring options:

  • Cost
  • Installation
  • Durability
  • Care and maintenance
  • Suitability for a specific home, room or area.

Parquet Flooring

While your budget may be your primary concern, it is always recommended to choose quality over cost. No matter which type of flooring ends up being your final choice, ensure that it is a quality product that is professionally installed.


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